ZARSCOM® and Google Analytics

When Zarscom started to work with Google Analytics, there was a lot of studying, analyzing, learning and understanding that needed to be done before. We have been focused on understanding all systems and developments that Google brought to the Analytics market, starting with Urchin in 2005 for example. Over the last years we improved our Google Analytics knowledge and grow to the experts that we are today – to deliver you the best service. Today we are a certified Google Analytics expert and use this platform very intense to place complex SEO and email marketing campaigns to increase the effectiveness of our clients websites. Our services includes several areas of work:


1. Google Analytics Audit

Even when Google Analytics is free, it everything else than simple. We will give you a very comprehensive audit to check your Google Analytics campaign. We will tell you if with your campaign you are able to get all informations that you are really looking for. If we see that it is not like it should be, we will help you to do the right adjustments to achieve your goals. This audit is very good fitting also to large enterprises with very special requirements and expectations on a campaign. If there are errors inside it can cause a completely wrong marketing strategy, so a Audit to check that can bring a huge return on invest for your organization.

2. Google Analytics Setup

For starting a professional internet marketing campaign you are not obligated to be an analytics expert. We will deliver you special services to give you the perfect solution on the implementation and the setup for a new Google Analytics account. After a comprehensive discussion with you until all targets of you business and internet marketing campaigns are defined, we will start the working for you. We will take care about that the new account will fit perfectly to the defined goals and delivers the data we need to achieve the targeted goals. Before delivering we will test the new account to make sure that it really delivers what we need for your campaign. This premium service will give you the freedom to take care about your main business, and not spend your time on data tracking nuances and complexities.