Why does my website need SEO?

Commercial search engines (for example Google, Yahoo or Bing) are driving the around 90% of the general web traffic. Of course users are also get driven to websites by Links or advices from social media sites, but still the most internet users are driven by the named search engines. It is not depending if you are running for example a news page, a weather channel online, a shop system or a professional enterprise page – all internet users that are coming to your page are driven by the named examples like search engines or social media hints and links.

Search engines are specialized in providing specific interested traffic for you and your product/your Website. They can deliver you exactly the users that are interested in what you are offering. Search engines are like the Highways in the web to deliver customers and users. The result is simple: If the search engines are not even able to find your site and to put your offered content in their database, all the interesting traffic of users will get forwarded to a competitor and miss YOUR site. You should not miss this big potential.


Choose a professional campaign

With our long-term experience on SEO-Marketing campaigns we know exactly how to do it successful. We are not working with “a little bit of this and a little bit of that”- we are working on a professional way to bring back your invest and even much more to your wallet with a professional SEO campaign. Trust in our approach, we will do everything necessary to make your campaign successful.

Understand your Search Engine Optimization Service

For us it’s very important to explain the SEO tactics, strategy and results in words that companies understand. We want to get your input whenever possible and we want you to understand what we are doing for what reason and to see it. As closer you are, as more you see and understand, as bigger your success will be.

Generating Leads

ZARSCOM is a company that puts highest priority on forwarding Leads in real time. That means we will enable you to work with leads directly as long as the people are interested in what you offer. So we are able to evaluate the results of your campaign based on current leads and not after a long time when everything is already over.

Certified & Proven SEO Experts

ZARSCOM offers you the full package of competitive SEO services. We are experienced search engine marketing professionals. With our experience we will bring your business to the top of the first page due to using trustable und future-proof SEO techniques like:

  • SEO Consulting Services flexible enough to fit exactly your specific needs
  • Special market and keyword research
  • Combined SEO tactics like organic combined with quick results with paid ads.
  • Full SEO package: internal linking, quality web content creation, meta descriptions, alt tags, title tags, etc.
  • Keeping your site always up 2 date and generating return traffic by constant quality content writing
  • Combining traffic from different domains by careful link building
  • Placement of articles for your site on news outlets, social media and curated sites
  • Different software for data tracking like Google Analytics to learn and understand current trends and traffic